Perfect Gifts for Every Occasion
Decorative accessories can be the absolutely perfect gift for every occasion. It seems as though we are constantly finding ourselves invited to events where we need a gift to bring. The hard part is finding something that is just right. You truly can’t go wrong when giving beautiful accessory items. Whether the item is personal or for one’s home, anyone would be thrilled to receive these presents.

Weddings are such special occasions that you want to give a gift that will remind the newly wedded couple of their wonderful day and the family and friends who shared it. Crystal lotus candleholders are a stylish accessory that they can leave out in their home. During the day they are just as elegant as they are at night when the glow from the candle brings them to life with a sparkle. The pillar holder is just right for a three inch diameter candle. Diamond champagne flutes come in a set of two and are sure to be enjoyed by the couple. They are silver plated with elegant rhinestone details on the stem that really make them stand out.

decorative accessories

Graduations are another excellent time to give a gift that shows how much you care. Many graduates want to remember all the people they leave behind as they move on in life. The Martin Frames are perfect for displaying pictures of treasured friends. They come in three sizes, are silver plated, and embossed with a fun crocodile pattern. The back side is done in rich black velvet so that it looks elegant from all angles. Graduates who are traveling to their next step in life would get a lot of use out of the Belmont Roller Bags. They come in both a stylish black and a fun orange color. Both shades are light weight with black plastic hardware. The expandable handle hides away when not being used. The base pulls out for additional stability while standing. There is a buckled pocket on the back side and a zippered pocket inside so one doesn’t lose smaller items. These bags are 13 inches wide by 16 inches tall. They are eight inches deep.

Decorative accessories can make perfect gifts for many more occasions as well. They are ideal as a hostess gift. A Diamond Candle Plate with its 38 clear crystals set in bezels around a mirrored base is stunning. The Tiara Jewel Tray would be perfect for the hostess to use again at future dinner parties. It is black with brilliant stones decorating the edges. There are even matching coasters.

decorative accessories


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